A Clean Bill of Health?

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Park Home residents are Senior Citizens (or Pensioners in old money.) How wonderful to not be subject to the daily commute and treadmill. The downside for some though is to be dogged by health problems.

Many residents suffer respiratory diseases – coughs, colds, asthma and for ex and current smokers, emphysema.

Why Park Homes can be bad for your health

Google will turn up many articles on damp and mould and the effect on air quality in the traditional home. You’ll find very little relating to air quality in Park Homes.

Now, I’m no Scientist – I managed to get Biology ‘O’ Level, but failed miserably with Physics and Chemistry! I have a PhD in the University of Life or the School of Hard Knocks as it’s sometimes known. Years spent diagnosing and fixing problems beneath Park Homes however, gives me an advantage over the Scientists!

Many Park Home residents are suffering because they are living above what can only be described as a swamp. A crawl space contaminated with rubbish, debris, dried effluent and standing water.

How standing water gets under your home

Kitchen/Bathroom/Washer/Dishwasher wastes or soil pipes leaking or broken.

Mains or hot & cold feed pipes dripping/leaking.

Rainwater leaching through brickwork.

Where the home’s base is lower than the surrounding landscaping.

A poorly-maintained crawl space is a health hazard

A modern Park Home will have a moisture barrier and insulation below the floor. A torn moisture barrier and missing insulation allows damp and cold into the home. An older home may have neither moisture barrier nor adequate insulation. Older homes with new fitted bathrooms and kitchens will be poorly finished below. I have yet to meet the Plumber who replaces barriers and insulation when he’s finished. Out of sight and out of mind.

Black mould on the skirting and lower walls indoors or inside cupboards and wardrobes is an obvious warning. Damp carpets and spongy floors are further signs. You have standing water below the home and it’s a health hazard.

A welcome mat for vermin

A crawl space covered in muck and debris holds the water in. It makes drainage and evaporation very difficult. Once you have this situation, it rapidly attracts rats and mice. The patter of tiny feet in the walls, roof or below the floor is a warning sign.

The presence of vermin in your crawl space is not conducive to good health for Park Home residents.  The damage they can do to your plastic plumbing, insulation and moisture barrier can also be costly.

Get it cleaned!

A clean, dry and well-maintained crawl space is an essential first step to better health for Park Home residents. Ask your Doctor or other Health professional if this would be beneficial to your health. Call Environmental Health at your Local Council if you suspect problems below your Home.

Let us do it for you!

We’ll clean out the underfloor area, dispose of all rubbish and rectify damp and flooding problems. Bite the bullet and you’ll feel the benefit this winter!

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