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Hi and welcome to our Web Site/Blog.

We’re here to give advice to Park Home residents and to cut through all the nonsense and downright lies that most Park Home Refurbishers and Chassis Companies spout.

Based in Bedford, we cover Counties local to Bedfordshire. I’m too long in the tooth to be travelling miles now.

We’re not beholden to any Park Home Manufacturer, we don’t have any ties to Park Home Refurbishers, we don’t get kickbacks from anyone. We’re not members of any Industry back-slapping and price-fixing organisations and we don’t have any arrangements with Park Owners. We don’t advertise in the glossy magazines titled ‘Park Home this and that’ because they accept adverts from anyone with the money and carry out no background checks or assurances as to how qualified they are to do the work they’re touting for.

We’re completely – and proudly – independent.

If we recommend someone, it’s because we’ve seen their work and seen their prices.  There are plenty of cowboys in this Industry and we know who they are. This doesn’t only include the doorknockers  and ‘Rogue Trader’ conmen – some of the biggest rip-off merchants are among the best known names in the Industry.

What this means is that we work solely – and uniquely – for you. We’re not cheap, but neither are we expensive. We charge fair prices, use the best equipment and the best materials.

Our Underfloor Surveys are the best in the business. We won’t lie to you. If something needs doing, we’ll tell you and that includes things we don’t do – for instance, we’ll advise if you need an Electrical or Gas check – we won’t hold back for fear of ‘losing the job’.

We’re not everyone’s cup of tea and we accept that. If you don’t like straight talking, don’t call, simple as that.

OK, enough of the negatives!

We’re very, very good at what we do. Whether it’s a complete underfloor refurbishment to just a Jack replacement, we carry out the job with a high degree of professionalism and care.

We give full 10 year Guarantees on our work and photograph everything before, during and after the work so that you can see for yourselves exactly what we’ve done, and so you have a record to show prospective buyers if you ever come to  sell your home and the peace of mind of knowing that all has been carried out to the letter.

Email us today and put your mind at rest.

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